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Boutique Collection Flat Cards


Stylevites Luxe Boutique cards are die-cute into ornate shapes, two-sided, custom designed to your style & taste! They come in sets of 25, which includes unlimited digital proofing, photo editing and crisp white envelopes.

Available finishes: Matte, Linen, Pearl, 100% Recycled or UV Coated

Available sizes: 5×5″, 4×8″ or 5×7″

Available shapes:



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5×5", 5×7", 4×8"


Matte, Linen, Pearl, 100% Recycled, UV Coated

5x5 Shapes

Scallped B1, Ornate E2, Scalloped B2, Curved C2, Curved C9, Curved C9 with hole, Basic A8, Ornate E5, Ornate E5 with hole, Curved C1, Cuved C1 with hole, Ornate E4, Ornate E4 with hole, Ornate E12

5x7 Shapes

Curved C4, Scalloped B2, Curved C3, Basic A2, Basic A4, Scalloped B1, Geometric D2, Basic A1, Geometric D3, Ornate E1

4x8 Shapes

Ornate E1, Geometric D3, Scalloped B2, Basic A1, Basic A2, Geometric D3